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1981 | H264 | Colour | 94’ | Turkish | Türkiye

September, 17 Sunday 21.00, Eski Köylü Pazarı

1981’s Kırık Bir Aşk Hikâyesi / A Broken Love Story is a classic film in Turkish cinema that will be screened this year in Ayvalık, the city where it was originally shot.

Ömer Kavur’s third feature film somewhat contradicts the director’s filmography. Co-written by Kavur and Selim İleri, the film portrays a melodramatic love affair between literature teacher Aysel, who has recently been appointed to Ayvalık, and Fuat, a young man on the brink of an unwanted arranged marriage with the daughter of one of the town’s affluent families. Aysel and Fuat try to maintain their relationship discretely, but social pressure and hypocrisy haunt them persistently. As the film that got Kavur closest to classical cinematic style, A Broken Love Story impressed the audience for years with its impossible love story and melancholic narration.

With Hümeyra and Kadir İnanır in the lead roles and a star-studded supporting cast, the film is also remembered for its fantastic soundtrack by Cahit Berkay.

Antalya 1982 | Best Cinematograpy, Best Director, Best Music, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress

SIYAD 1983 | Best Screenplay, Best Music



Ömer Kavur


Kadir Inanır, Hümeyra, Halil Ergün, Özlem Onursal, Neriman Köksal, Kamran Usluer, Orhan Çağman, Güler Ökten


Selim Ileri, Ömer Kavur


Salih Dikişçi


Mevlüt Koçak


Cahit Berkay


Sadık Deveci, Ömer Kavur, Necip Sarıcıoğlu


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