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"A New..." Prize

Embarking on the premise that festivals acknowledge their bond with their home city, Ayvalık International Film Festival established the “A New …” Prize although it does not comprise a competition within its framework. Irrespective of their category, this prize will be given to a new director, actor, scriptwriter, editor, sound designer, or similar filmmaker meriting encouragement, who has exhibited praise-worthy success in their field. The “A New …” Prize will underline the Festival’s mission as to raise and encourage young filmmakers.



A monetary prize of 50.000 TL will accompany the “A New…” Prize, supported by Mey | Diageo, which maintains its responsibility of a legacy of 150 years since its establishment.

"A New ..." Prize 2023 Jury

​Prize Regulations

1. The “A New …” Prize is bestowed in support to a director, producer,
cinematographer, art director, actor, or a film professional active in a
similar field, who has just embarked on their career in Türkiye.


2. Productions that were publicly released within the year prior to the
beginning of Ayvalık International Film Festival (between 14 September 2022 and 8 September 2023) or screened at national film festivals are automatically eligible without the need for an official submission.


3. Filmmakers who took part for the first time in any of the candidate
productions are not required to also apply.


4. The Selection Committee is established by Ayvalık International
Film Festival and approved by MEY | DIAGEO. The five members of
the selection Committee comprise artists from the field of film, e.g.
directors, actors, scriptwriters, editors, cinematographers, art directors, or composers; academics, or artists from other fields, such as painting or literature.

5. Productions pre-selected by the Ayvalık International Film Festival are watched by the Selection Committee. Considering candidacy categories, the Selection Committee watches the said films and determines its own candidates, adopts a selection method, and determines the prizes on a joint decision at the deliberation meeting.


6. The Selection Committee cannot comprise members in any way involved or supportive of the candidate productions, and cannot nominate immediate relatives.


7. The general eligibility requirements for candidacy to the “A New…” Prize are citizenship of the Republic of Türkiye and at least 18 years of age.

8. Only candidates nominated by the Ayvalık International Film Festival are considered.


9. The “A New …” Prize is given to a single person and cannot be shared.

10. MEY | DIAGEO will present the “A New ...” Prize at the opening ceremony of the Ayvalık International Film Festival. The aforementioned ceremony will take place on 14 September 2023, at 20.30 hours at the Ayvalık Municipality Büyük Park Amphitheatre.

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